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    Symptoms of TMJ Health Articles | July 4 Wholesale Authentic Soccer Jerseys , 2012

    TMJ is something you need to be aware of as it can cause further damage. Know what the symptoms are to help you understand if this is a problem you are facing.

    Do you worry you may have TMJ? The temporomandibular joint is the one located at the side of your head, right at the location where the jaw connects to the structure of the head. You can place your finger on this location and move your mouth up and down to feel the joint working. It is possible to develop a condition in which the muscle or the joint itself becomes inflamed or otherwise damaged. If you feel that you may have this condition, talk to a dental care provider about it right away.

    What Happens?

    TMJ sufferers often complain of pain or problems with the way these joints work (remember, you have two, one on each side of your head.) In a healthy structure, they work without any pain Wholesale Soccer Sports Jerseys , and you likely do not think about it or feel it. They help you to talk and to eat. They can even help you to yawn. When dysfunction occurs, though, both the muscle and the joint could be at risk. You should seek out a doctor if any of the following conditions and symptoms apply to your situation:

    - You have pain that runs through the face. This may occur in the face, jaw or the neck region. The pain can be fleeting or lasting. In some cases, it can be sudden and sharp.

    - Do you have stiff muscles in this area? Numerous small muscles control how this structure works. If they are damaged or overworked, they can stiffen up like any other muscle in your body.

    - Do you have locked jaw? In some cases Wholesale Soccer Jerseys , it becomes difficult to move the joint at all or it may even lock into place. Do not try to force it to change or move, but do contact a doctor about it right away.

    - When you use your jaw, do you hear clicking or a popping sound? This is often painful or it can become painful if you continue to allow it to happen. The socket and ball design of this structure can make this happen.

    - Do you have some type of change in the way your upper and lower teeth align? In some cases, the way they fit or come together does not feel normal or right. When this happens, it could be an indication of a problem.

    In some cases, TMJ pain and discomfort is fleeting. It can go away on its own without any treatment. In other cases Wholesale Jerseys Online , you can allow the structure to heal on its own by just reducing the amount of use to the joint. In some cases, doctors can offer medications for pains or, in rare situations, surgery to treat the underlying problem.

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