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    June 12, 2019 12:04 PM EEST
    Clive Martin
    Submitted 2019-01-18 06:45:17 You might have heard the term "Waterjet." But you may not know what it entails. You might think of it just as water being shot at a very high pressure Christian McCaffrey Rush Jersey , and while that is the general basis, there is much more to the practice. Water is one of nature's most powerful forces. Think about how it feels to get carried under the waves at the beach or to get sprayed by a traditional garden hose, or consider the damage floods can do. It has the power to wash away rocks, and to erode the sides of mountains. Back to that garden hose: think about the pressure it contains. Now, imagine if it was pushed through a much smaller hole Luke Kuechly Rush Jersey , at a much higher pressure. Mix in an abrasive element, like garnet, and you have a tool that can cut through a wide variety of substances.

    Waterjet Cutting method has many benefits over the others and the benefits are-

    No Heat:

    Unlike the other methods Waterjet cutting does not create the heat they do. This means no melting, distorting or warping along the edges which helps when you are trying to create precise cuts for complicated parts.


    Waterjet Cutting Machine can have amazing precision. This technology gives the ability to make precision cuts at tolerances as close to 卤 0.005". Now this does not come cheap as the more precise the higher the cost in the setup of the cutter and materials required performing a cut that precise but it is doable. The fact that the cutting is controlled by computer and specialized software is part of allows such precise cuts.


    Many methods work great for a few types of materials but will not work for others. Waterjet cutting allows the cutting of just about any material effectively. A noted exception is tempered glass and I am sure there are a few other specialized materials that it will not work with. Some example materials it can cut with precision are steels, alloys of all types Cam Newton Rush Jersey , wood, marble, stone, aluminum, composites Christian McCaffrey Black Jersey , rubber and plastics.

    Clean Up & Time:

    Another nice benefit of this technology is the clean up. Because it leaves no slag and little to no burr on the parts there is little need for clean up or secondary finishing operations such as grinding or sanding. This makes cuts move along quicker and allows jobs to be completed faster than with other technologies.

    The varieties of materials that can be cut using a water jet include;

    鈥?Metals - aluminum, brass, bronze, steel, titanium Luke Kuechly Black Jersey , copper, other metal alloys
    鈥?Ceramics and Stone - granite, marble
    鈥?Glass - fiberglass
    鈥?Plastics and rubbers - Kevlar, foam

    Water Jet Cutter uses no heat, so it is well suited to materials that are damaged or adversely affected with the application of heat. Waterjet cutting leaves the structural integrity of materials intact Cam Newton Black Jersey , meaning it can be used on plastics, wood and other materials which cannot be cut using a laser cutter.
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