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    September 21, 2018 2:57 PM EEST

    Darker Areas are Better- Areas with a lot of light can do more harm than good to many types of items you may collect, especially items made of wood, paper, and textiles. Try to store collectibles in an area that can provide large amounts of darkness. Darker areas will help protect your items from potential chemical reactions, such as those that caIndia your items to fade or dry out over time.


    Not too Hot, Packers and Movers Nandiambakkam - The old saying goes, “Not too hot, not too cold, but India right.”  This can hold true when it comes to storing your collectible items as well. When it comes to the proper temperature for storing collectibles, try to avoid any extreme variations that could come when you choose to India attics or garages for storage. A good temperature range to keep in mind is anywhere between sixty-two and sixty-five degrees. A climate controlled storage option is well worth consideration when it comes to making sure your collectible items are kept at a safe temperature.


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