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Posted May 9, 2012 | 0 favorites
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-PLEASE READ- I understand there is some confusion as to Kaya's gender. He is a male, and as far as I have seen, identifies as such. Please understand, however, that in Japan, crossdressing is not viewed in quite the same way as in Western cultures. It has roots in kabuki theater, with what is referred to as the "onnagata" role. However, as the history of kabuki is much too complex to deal with here, I recommend a quick Google search if you wish to learn more. As for sexual identification, Kaya's interviews strongly suggest that his attraction is not limited to one gender, but whether he identifies as gay, bi, or even pansexual has not been explicitly stated. Despite his own preferences, there are many other feminine-attired musicians in Japanese popular music who are straight, and view it as nothing more than a fashion choice. Finally, let me say that this is a touchy subject, with many strong feelings tied up in it, and the last place there should be a heated debate is on Youtube. Furthermore, blatant hate speech, stupidity, or homophobia will not be tolerated, and such comments will be deleted accordingly. Please keep your comments respectful, both to Kaya, and to other people. Thank you! ^_^
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