EVE Online has certainly had an interesting few weeks

  • On one hand many will point out that Nullsec is supposed to eve echoes isk be dangerous - it is player versus player gameplay that functions as the wild west in many respects. However, players have spent years building up pockets of participant controlled space to function as a home in New Eden, complete with logistics, supply chains and much more. Something even as seemingly innocuous as it pertains to the external viewer could completely change the dynamic of Nullsec gameplay and be incredibly disruptive.

    As a result, many players have threatened to stop EVE Online entirely, while others are rejoicing the movement as a tool that's needed to shake up the dynamic in Nullsec. Even though the blackout is coming soon, CCP will be giving players 48 hours notice to prepare for the dynamic change to Nullsec. With this, in addition to the Drifter invasions hitting on the Nullsec alliances, it is going to be interesting to understand how EVE's sandbox corrects and overcomes the challenges.

    EVE Online has certainly had an interesting few weeks, and it does not seem like it is going to slow down anytime soon. The changes to how Nullsec works could sabotage to reverse the player dynamic that has been the norm for many years on end on its head. Meanwhile, while Nullsec players have to manage changes to Neighborhood chat, Drifters continue to pour in their pockets of distance, threatening what they have spent decades building. All while CCP addresses the perception that they are selling ability points to keep newer players although not fixing the problems within the sport that causes retention to endure. Suffice to say, EVE Online continues to prove why it is among the most intriguing games on the web to date, although doing so is rubbing a lot of its most hardcore fans the wrong way.

    The Open Beta for NetEase and CCP's co-developed EVE Echoes has become live now. Capsuleers eager to venture into a new variant of New Eden on mobile can do so on both the iOS and Android devices starting now.

    Just get it done! In contrast to the naysayers there are lots of new-bro friendly corps that are eager to forge you in battle hardened fleet manhood. There are amazing isk making chances for new-bros in there with minimal ability factors. We have some new players and place them down on gassing, which is fairly rewarding. These guys would join fleet ops if they can and gassed the remainder of the moment. The concentrated their funds on ability injectors and immediately got into ships more useful to themselves, the corp and buy eve isk wormhole life generally.