'Phantasy Star Online 2' heads to Steam August 5th

  • Phantasy Star Online 2 eventually made its way into Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta the US earlier this season as a free-to-play name on the Xbox One and Windows Store for PCs. But despite being an 8-year-old match, the launch has been amazingly buggy for Windows users, that reported installation trouble, as well as slowdown and crashing. Soon there'll be an additional option: Sega announced today that PSO2 will make its way to Steam August 5th, in which it will hopefully be somewhat more stable.

    The Steam launch arrives the identical day PSO two's Episode 4 expansion, which will also drop on the Xbox One and Windows Store. I have not followed the match too closely, but judging from that trailer you'll get to use your giant mechs against World War II battleships -- as you do. It is heartening to watch Sega pushing PSO 2 more in the US nowadays, though it all seems to be contributing up to the launch of the newly announced Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, a more modern name heading into the Xbox collection X, Xbox One and PC. Sega states that title will not replace the first PSO 2, rather it is going to be complimentary as you will have the ability to use your current personality in both matches.

    Microsoft was quite cooperative in releasing PSO 2, and to enlarge that, they were thinking about PSO two and in providing us with Agile, their programming program. It's not really a technical reason -- since in terms of transferring the game over to Xbox, it was not any easier -- but they really supported putting the game on Xbox. It is not that the Xbox is especially difficult, however there were several features that needed to be corrected particularly for Xbox. It was originally developed on PC, so it's relatively straightforward to bring over to some other system.

    We've been waiting so long for PSO two to come out in the West -- eight decades now -- that it's interesting that you decided to release it first on Xbox One. It's interesting, because the Xbox One is basically in the previous year of its lifetime as Microsoft transitions to the Xbox Series X. Did you launch on Xbox One since you knew that the Xbox Series X would be backward-compatible, and that people would have the ability to carry their advancement over to another console? Or did Microsoft approach you because they're hungrier for content than Sony is to get the PlayStation 4?

    Did that produce a lot of work for your development team? It wasn't a great deal of work, however, the group was amazed by how beautiful the improvements made the game seem. Was it useful to be able to develop and optimize for a set platform such as Xbox One, rather than the myriad permutations that gaming PCs could pose? For the Japanese version it turned out to be a multiplatform release, on PC and PS4, so PSO 2 was already optimized to provide the best results irrespective of which stage you're playing on. The focus was more on the way to pso2 sales bring out the advantages of the system.