No one needs corporations to speak for Madden 21

  • They had three options: say nothing, say something, or Mut 21 coins say something and produce a stunning gesture. Anything over the bare minimum is worth acknowledging in my eyes. I really don't see it as"babying" them to acknowledge a firm statement that I agree with. And while we're being antagonistic in these Reddit comments because that is the prevailing tone of the place, I do not think anything you've said has come across as disrespectful in any respect and that I hope you feel the same about what I've said.

    I am very thankful we were able to have the conversation we did and we're seeing businesses place their money where their mouth is. The weekend was rough in my mental health and perspective on what's gont get achieved and that probably reached into my comments, and that can still change as the times come and go. But today seeing protests get even larger and more calm than before and seeing companies really do shit, it makes me a little more optimistic. Thank you for a discussion that in least gave me a new perspective. I really don't need companies saying something. In fact I am fed up with companies saying stuff. Make your merchandise. Make it great. Then shut up and allow real individuals speak. No one needs corporations to speak for them.

    Because it is absurd bullshit meant to placate dumb white people that are easily susceptible to this kind of marketing strategy. This marketing tactic where companies express commitments to fight injustice whilst avoiding specifics regarding what exactly is wrong, what should change, and exactly what they're going to do about it. Every single fucking company does this and it's empty rhetoric. That is not worthy of applause. They do not give a single fuck. This is precisely the same EA that censored the word"Kaepernick" out of a song in numerous games now in an effort to avoid offending their delicate white participant base. So no I am not going to be glad that a company like EA does nothing and expects praise for doing nothing. Individuals catching that and calling it out isn't nihilism. It's realism. What does stating something accomplish?

    Do not give corporations brownie points for doing the easiest thing. This can be corporate slacktivism, all sound no action. Donations, shouting out to resources people are able to use or donate to themselves, doing anything with any material more than stating"shouts out to oppressed minorities, we'll wait to market to you until you have some focus to spare?" Or, the best case scenario, just announcing a delay without linking it into something wholly unrelated to them except for its impact in their reveal.

    It's not, until they want to pretend delaying their marketing plan is an act of solidarity. Solidarity simply means that they agree with their cause, and there's nothing that indicate they don't. Yes, there's, the simple fact they have done nothing to benefit anyone but themselves. That they just delay it without claiming that delaying an advertisement is somehow"in solidarity" with present protests. Do not be a fool that thinks there's any weight whatsoever to a corporate entity"taking a side" by delaying marketing stuff. I don't think this is a bad thing or a good thing. It's a completely pointless, neutral item and cheap Madden 21 coins EA deserves no credit for it.