What's is that OSRS have more players?

  • I returned to rs3 gold after two years. Was astonished by the graphics reworks and discover that RuneScape is yet alive. However, I looked in websites which show playercounts over time and a thing puzzled meOSRS have significantly more active players compared to RS3, like the double more. I see a point in why some older runescape players want to stick with osrs. How is that possible? Being RS3 the free to play with game, how is possible that OSRS have more new gamers coming? My thougts: bots may play a part in this, and also these discrepancies are an evidence how the problem is serious.

    Any one of several reasons:there might possibly be bots. OSRS is more similar to the manner of game Runescape has been at its peak of popularity in regards to gameplay/graphical style. There aren't any MTX in OSRS (aside from bonds?), a lot of people believe that makes RuneScape more real. They put updates to a vote providing the community on what should be contained or not the decision. Quite often the mod staff is engaged with really paying attention to users' opinions, and they've gotten upgrades that were more consistent. From the outside it appears more like a fire job, although I'm not an OSRS participant.

    In other words, the majority of people stop RS3 for two reasons, the wildy removal/free commerce removal and evolution of battle. Then a constant stream of mtx started crawling, meaning more people jumped ship, subsequently osrs happened and individuals joined for nostalgia, then good large updates stored happening, meaning as long as they dont mess up there's not any reason for folks to stop, also lots of people on osrs stop RS3 previously so they'd talk negative about it so anyone new attempting osrs wouldnt touch the"pay to win terrible fight dead game cash cow" no matter how much RuneScape as come because eoc published, the only news about RS3 reaches osrs from people who would benefit from it or show extreme instances of insane fashionscape, or people who quit RS3 and bad mouth its own lack of updates or mtx or what not.

    Add to this favorite content creators which were creating RS3 content hopped to the more popular game resulting in even less coverage, its also a meme to despise RS3, the one time osrs was down and people were"compelled" to play RS3 that the streamers went on regular acc, did a quest and got keys watched they obtained like 1-4 attack or anything from lamp and tucked out laughing how op these things were p2w dead match. Add to this good and consistent updates, community voted updates, active network, and people remain for osrs, yes bots are a substantial number of the participant count but nowhere near what people make it out to be.

    No EoC / MTX, which is so severely loathed that individuals would leave years of account progress and start over from level 3 only to prevent. Less bad new player encounter in osrs because RS3 is complex and the tutorial does not cover enough, and the vents at RS3 may be pain if you're new. RS3 appears empty to new players since veteran players are mostly large level and congregated in particular locations that new players can not access, while osrs seems populated because their slow xp rates imply low level players really exist, so buy old school runescape gold fresh people probably feel less lonely over there.