Individuals will defend the mtx in rs3 no matter some reason

  • I return every few years or so. Can not state anything holds my interest for OSRS gold too long, though. Genuinely feel terrible that mtx is the most prominent feature when looking to do anything. A true shame how much potential rs3 could have to thrive over the forthcoming decade.Old head here, stop some time ago. The only old heads left are individuals who don't play other games MMO's, otherwise they'd realise just how crap this game is and that the value of money that they get out of it's non-existent.

    I am aware this and will probably be joining you shortly once I reach a few closing objectives, but havent paid real dollars to play this game in years. And you are right, I play with other games.I was nearly comped (which I resent not doing) but gave up as I could not bring myself to play the game no more and still can't bring myself into. I just log in quite occasionally to make some money by simply afking at a portable (to switch to OSRS) and play some OSRS, but mostly play and raid in WoW.

    Would highly recommend checking out WoW (good time to get in and level after the new growth releases this fall) or FFXIV that is just another top MMO but I am not a fan of the JRPG theme. This is so true it hurts.old head , no plans on leaving mind that you began in late 2006. When I do leave, it will be to play with another mmo.

    I had been about until about a year and a half ago, maxed my account, and havent logged back into rs3 since.I excused myself over a year ago. But I then inspect them and some of them do not even possess 1000 SP.Cosmetics are a sign of progress in MMOs, when you pervert this concept that you invalidate player development and subsequently kills engagement.

    Why is it that you think RS3 bleeds gamers? Why do you believe it's a third of Oldscape's playercount regardless of the later being mechanically painful to perform ? Because RS3 has killed any sense of authentic engagement and player development and thus it fails to bring any new players in.

    Personally I would be 100% down with Structure being a cash sink little to no practical usage in the game.Let people move the furniture round and make a home. If we are given the choice at least to be free and enjoy it as a house then I think that would be a happy medium. You gotta give it usage or performance since it stands it is a waste of money and I only leveled it for to Prif. And runescape gold 2007 being able to sit in a seat is your answer to this?