Legacy Moments cards are haphazardly embedded into the NBA 2K20

  • The new system resulted in perimeter defense was more efficient. It was much more difficult to create perimeter shots. It was easier to manage offense and defense. But the shot contest system was a new one that killed layups NBA 2K22 MT. The proximity rules rendered it impossible to execute layups that are one of the best looks in basketball. This is a straightforward issue to fix. 2K Sports could modify the finishing badges in order to improve the likelihood of scoring layups.

    AI Teammates - The AI teammates are currently not doing well on MyCareer. The AI doesn't appear to have any basketball instincts. I'm not sure how many times I have tried to pass to Cedi Osman, a corner shooter, in the hope of scoring an easy basket. This easy bucket never materializes. The AI holds onto the ball for at minimum three minutes, which allows the defense to get in the way. When the AI lets go of the shot it's a contestable three that generally hits the rim and bounces out.

    The AI requires work, and this process will require a significant amount of development time in order to achieve a an ideal. The goal of this process should be refining the AI so that computer-controlled players can play with ease on the court. AI is not a mechanical process and sluggish.

    Better, More Servers Gaming online is a major feature of NBA 2K. Gaming online is a popular game played by a large number of players. However, online gaming can be unpredictable due to lag spikes or busy servers. 2K Sports has experienced lag-related problems for several years Buy NBA 2K Coins. It is frustrating for players.