It is relied upon to rain in Runescape from time to time

  • It would make the game more enjoyable and less susceptible to being hacked. While there probably would still be some (it is unlikely to reach the low levels of prior to the introduction of free trade) this will make the game more possible to play again OSRS Accounts. It could be referred to as classic by some, however being fraudulently swindled would not be an issue and those who are younger would be more likely to not be taken into.

    The benefits of membership and free trade would provide an incentive for players upgrading to members. Furthermore the more fun game would make them want to stay longer. However, at the same time, this would be very unpopular for freeplayers, especially because it would probably result in the wilderness having to have to be removed again. The PvP World could be reinstated at their current site for free play. This would provide players who preferred them to Wildy a place they could PK.

    Jagex's integrity would be the one to suffer the most. While this would be a great step in making the game more entertaining, many players may perceive that as a sign of indecisiveness and lying about bringing the wild back. From a business standpoint, players who quit due to anger will not bring in as much revenue and could actually benefit the player base.

    Although this won't fix all botting issues for free players (and it does nothing for members) I think that we've reached a stage where a major action like this is required to stop RWTers and to make freeplay the exact game I knew. Jagex will continue to work against bot-makers Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold. They should be able to show progress and provide regular updates.