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  • This first recipe is one of the most accessible however it's expensive Lost Ark Gold. Its name tells you all about it Veda's Prideholme Style Home Food can be bought for 3,000 silver from Potion Merchant Veda just outside Neria's Tavern in Prideholme.

    To include it in your Adventurer's Tome simply click it in your inventory after you have purchased it. Image of player split from barrels at Regria Monastery and map of Rethramis Border The clue for finding the recipe lies in the name it self. You can locate Regria Flower Oil in the Rethramis Border area, just from the southwest entrance of Regria Monastery. Regria Monastery.

    Approach towards the Border Guards here, standing in front of a barricade with spikes. To to the left side of the barrier there is a bunch of wooden barrels. By interacting with them, you will be able to bring you all of Regria Flower Oil.

    Left to Right: a man standing in front of windmill in Rethramis Border, map of Rethramis Border, cooking menu with Cook Hely

    The good news is that your next Rethramis Cooking Recipe can also be found in the Rethramis Border area. Take a northerly route, and then Wind Road. On the uppermost part of this area, around some boulders , which are obscured by the windmill, there is an icon for Investigate. Interact with it to collect an Solar Tree Sprout. It's not over yet though.

    Now you must travel back to Prideholme and make your way to Cook Hely located in the middle of Rapport NPC Siera best place to buy Lost Ark Gold. There you can make an alcoholic beverage called Solar Tree Sprout Cider for the price of 900 silver.