In this live stream Madden NFL 24 score Week

  • Maurice Jones-Drew punched it in at the line of goal to give the Jaguars an advantage of 14-7 Madden 24 Coins. Carson Palmer led a drive late in the second period and the Cardinals were able to tie the game on a 5 yard run by Rashard Mendenhall. Both teams entered halftime tied, 14-14.

    The Cardinals were leading at the beginning of the 3rd quarter with a field goal. They took advantage of the opening with the next play, when Carson Palmer hooked up with Michael Floyd for a 91-yard score. It's the longest play of passing that's been played in Madden NFL 24 the season. Both teams failed to produce something noteworthy in the fourth period, and the Cardinals came away with a win.

    In this live stream Madden NFL 24 score Week 11 Live highlights, scores, coverage and more. Weather adjustments also help Week 11 winners Cards put away Jaguars Lions fumble fake field goal. View all 76 stories Browns WR Jordan Cameron: Don't blame Jason Campbell for recent struggles

    Cleveland Browns receiver Jordan Cameron says it's the attention to opposing defenses instead of issues with quarterback Jason Campbell that has slowed his speed in recent weeks according to the May Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

    "I need to improve my speed and need to find a method to get open",'' said Cameron. "I must try to get in there and perform better. I must perform better and contribute to the team and Buy Mut 24 Coins do everything I can to assist this team. This is what I want to do."