Each annual release in the NBA 2K series comes

  • For the sizeable majority of players, we wouldn’t recommend searching for VC in NBA 2K24 with your difficult-earned coins. Each annual release in the NBA 2K series comes with its private smooth set of VC to shop for NBA 2K MT, which means that you could’t transfer VC from NBA 2K24 to 2K24. There’s no cause that 2K will alternate it for next 365 days, which means any VC you buy with this recreation acquired’t deliver over and might be out of location of you don’t spend it.

    You’re better off earning the VC from via actually gaming the sport and putting the cash you typically spend on VC into getting a extra high-priced version of the sport while you're making your pre-order, to ensure that you may get a brilliant head begin that way rather.

    Of direction, it’s as much as you – if you’re going to place loads of hours into NBA 2K24 and need absolutely the first-rate group feasible, then it might make enjoy to buy a few VC. But you could purchase a modern-day triple-A pastime and a couple of indie video games for the same price of 450,000 VC, a overseas money that can be earned thru those hundreds of hours of gameplay except.

    That’s the entirety you want to recognise about the NBA 2K24 VC right now. Find out whether or now not NBA 2K24 is on Game Pass at release 2K24 MT Buy, or discover the entirety you want to understand about the NBA 2K24 MyCareer mode in our guide.