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What were the thoughts behind applying rain?

  • November 24, 2018 5:23 AM EET

    There was lots of controversy shrouding Lion and Finka, as a result of their"international" skills that influenced all players concurrently. Is that something you are still looking into for future Operators?

    We learn a Rainbow Six Siege Credits great deal that we release. And it is one of the things where sometimes, we know things that we've done that are great and we apply those to other Operators. And sometimes we learn things which are not really great, and we figure out how to apply those learnings to future Operators as well.

    [...] You will not ever hear any of our balancing team say,"Oh yeah, we got it all perfect." You will never hear us say . But we are learning and we're constantly improving. And being able to take learnings from things we have done in the past and apply that knowledge to prospective Operators is something that all our sport designers are really adept at doing and it's something we are placing a focus on moving forward.

    Moving onto your recent rework of Hereford, and buffs to Clubhouse and Consulate. As you are looking back at your maps, are there any errors or design choices that you are contemplating, seeing Rainbow Six Siege has evolved?

    Well, I would not necessarily call it a mistake. Hereford was one of the first maps we ever built, it was the first map we had our competitive matches on. So Hereford was constructed to be performed at a really different game than what we have now. Along with the idea about exactly what we had and the way Rainbow Six Siege is going to play pre-launch, then the way Rainbow Six is performed by our players and what they have taught us -- very different matches.

    Hence the reworking of Hereford base, it was a very fantastic chance to take that iconic map that had any issues that prevented it from becoming viable and giving it a facelift. But if you're familiar with the old Hereford, and you have played the newest Hereford, it's really more of a map compared to a facelift. We could take a great deal of what our level layout has heard over the last few years from our players, and apply to Hereford, together with such as perpendicular gameplay, and rotations, and drifting and all those things. So we are in a position to improve upon these maps in a way we did not realize they had to be improved upon if they were released.

    What were the thoughts behind applying rain? With changes to audio and visibility, how does this affect gameplay?

    Ensuring that our Buy Rainbow Six Siege Items environments are exciting and enticing for gamers is important, which drove lots of the artistic leadership to the new Hereford Base. We recognize that night maps are much less competitively viable as day maps, so that's why we're leaning towards the day map variety for these kinds of maps.