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I'll admit I haven't been on RS since 2012

  • November 29, 2018 4:50 AM EET

    The purpose is that in many ways a number of the skills became useless once you attained a certain degree though I will concede Jagex made some kind of effort to change that over runescape mobile gold the years with new content. The idea was to make them enjoyable again or at least for there to be some point. Observation: a great deal of that content was also pointless or downright dumb! Oops! So much for modification. Whatever the case, just because there's new content doesn't mean it'll be fun or worthwhile in a small measure. It also may just be installed for uber fast leveling up so that each of the crybabies will be pacified. Believe Divination skill here... as well as the main mini-game created for leveling. It all was there to perform was to allow people to reach a 99 ASAP. I must ask the question... what was the purpose? Was there ever a point? Not actually... and folks wonder why so many gamers hang and desire for the day when Jagex would knock away the shenanigans and return to RS ahead of the quacked era started... that was right around the period of Construction. The game was actually FUN back apart from cheaters using bots.

    To finish up, I'll admit I haven't been on RS since 2012 when my account was hacked. I lost about 1.5 billion in money and items... never got anything back was my account restored. I advised Jagex give me back what I got or you lost my money for more members play indefinitely... they never said a peep via email so that was that. I finished out my membership time, converted into F2P for a brief period then found another sport to spend my money on. I did find out exactly what happened to my account though... it had been the great Yahoo hack of a couple years ago - that is how the hackers gained my advice.

    None of us understood for a very long time - and a few people went checking our systems for malware to never find any. Obviously there was not... that the hackers had gained over a billion Yahoo account passwords. They did not need to hack any farther. All they had to do is log on to some provided Yahoo account and check for evidence of an RS account and take advantage of it if something useful was found. That is EXACTLY the way I lost nearly everything I had taken years to make... and it is why Jagex lost a loyal customer. Was that their fault? NO. It wasn't... but the least they could have done was restore my account as it was not buy RS gold my fault . Hell, I even assisted in turning in the accounts of one of the jackasses that did it the little bastard had the gall to brag about it in front of me in the Grand Exchange the next day (definitely using a throw away account) but I did my part by simply reporting the entire conversation a page at one time. End result? They could not even return an email.