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This is an incredibly small Strength boost

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    January 27, 2022

    I'd suggest a course through Slayer in RS Gold any case but you've read all the information, so it's your choice is yours. In terms of recommended equipment it is a Black Mask or a Slayer helm is an absolute must. Beside that, you really only need one whip (or an unruly weapon from Dungeoneerin).

    The rest is up to you. To start, I'd pick Torag's legs and plates, with the best protection-to-value percentage in games (s'far as I'm aware) Black dragonhide is a good choice for the tasks that are based on magic you can begin working on this Recipe for Disaster quest, it has the most effective performance-enhancing gloves that you can find. I'd also consider getting a ring of wealth (can't hurt), an amulet of glamour and dragon boots, in the case of having spare change. This is an incredibly small Strength boost. All in all, this will cost 2.5-3m.

    Combine the two to create power! This means that you can use your best att/str boosting prayers and super pots to complete your projects, and a cannon and a cannon if you wish and can afford. This could get you over 100k exp/hour on high levels. It's as or more than armoured zombies or bandits. You also avoid being a joke as a 138 with a 70 slayers.

    The gear should include: Barrows gloves, from RFD. Dragon boots. Full slayer helm, black mask until you get it. Armour Proselyte if you're using prayers, and barrows if do not. Whip, attempt to make the rapier in a chaotic fashion as quickly as you are able to. Dragon defender, antidragon shield for Dragon-related tasks DFS is unnecessary, do not use it.

    Amulet of glory, try to get one when you can. Ardougne cape 3, or the soulwars cape. While it sounds interesting but wouldn't it defeat the purpose of slaying? One of RuneScape 3 Gold the reasons for being a Slayer is the ability to beat every obstacle, sure is fine. But isn't it also to earn money? I'm certain that in the end, prayers would increase the price until I'm losing money, wouldn't it?